H&P Bukid ni Tatay

Collaborative Farming

H&P Bukid ni Tatay was born from a simple dream of finding a sustainable retirement
plan in simple farming that soon led to bigger dreams of creating a business that would
be a place for educating the next generation in appreciating and continuing the farming
in the Philippines.

In the pursuit of finding the best opportunity across the country, this group of retiring
professionals has heard they're calling through the Philippine agriculture industry. The
team has seen the great need of empowering the farming industry and the great
opportunity awaiting every local farmer in the region.

The advocacy of providing livelihood, food sustainability for Filipinos and safeguarding
our natural wealth and resources seems to have bound them all together in pushing
through this milestone. This moment was when it all began...


On October 1st, 2018, Herd and Plough Farm (Bukid Ni Tatay) Corp. aka H&P BUKID
NI TATAY was established and accredited as one of the promising agri-tourism farms of
NW Group of Farms in the province of Zambales. It is located in a 2.5 Hectares
Property in Barangay Paudpod, Botolan, Zambales.

The farm name was formed in pursuing the Legacy of Mr. Antonio R. Sabangan Sr., the
late father of the founders from the family of Sabangan from Pangasinan. It was through
dedication and hard work of a father that prospers the members of the family and where
our President has developed his leadership and skills.

Mr. Bernard R. Sabangan, the Founding Chairman and President of H&P BUKID NI
TATAY, is determined to push forth this legacy to the upcoming generations of the
family. In line with the advocacy of helping and providing better lives for the people.
These, he believes, are the main values that his father had left for his heirs.

As a promise, H&P BUKID NI TATAY is dedicated to the people. In giving better lives
for the next generations that they may enjoy a healthier environment in the future.


Collaborative Farming


Book and Enjoy farm living.


Outstanding Quality


Close encounter with the animals


Learn, Dine, Relax and enjoy farm life.

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